sábado, 27 de julho de 2013

The Skin

  • Not Feeling Good in One's Own Skin
  • Feeling Out of Place
  • Direct Emotional Connection with Other Organs

Physical and Nutricional Care

The key to good skin is to have well-functioning organs, especially the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Follow the physical and nutricional care for each of those organs. But above all, don't smoke. Tabacco impedes oxygenation of the tissues and makes the skin lose its subtle pinkish hue. When the kidneys are not functioning optimally, the skin loses some of it's elasticity and glow, and gives off a slightly acid smell. When the liver and pancreas are not working well, the skin quickly becomes greasy and dull, and has a strong smell, especially under the arms, after washing it.

Psychological Care

Overcome the out-of-place feeling by standing straight, shoulders back and chest forward. Look others in the eye and avoid looking down. When sitting facing someone, feel contact with the earth beneath your feet. This solidity is reassuring. If you have serious skin problems, you should see a psychotherapist.

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